Chem-Tek Industries Scatter

Easy-To-Apply Absorbent Odor Control Granules for Restaurant, Institutional, and Municipal Waste

Why you should use Scatter:

  • Scatter® granules offer an exclusive triple-phase odor control system:
    • Absorbs rancid, odor-causing spills.
    • Counteracts odors with Metazene® odor counteractant
    • Controls and freshens airborne malodors.
  • Effectively suppresses gaseous malodors associated with decaying carcasses and organic wastes.
  • Easy to apply and economical to use.
  • Long-lasting, effectively controls odors between waste hauling cycles.
  • Out-performs competitive products.
  • Available in 5 convenient sizes.
  • Biodegradable, non-corrosive, contains no acids

Where you should us Scatter:

Apply liberally to odor sources in and around: garbage dumpsters, trash compactors, landfill sites, sewage lift stations, garbage trucks and dumps, hospital waste, sewage treatment plants, rendering plants, manure piles, urine and emesis, decaying carcasses, food waste, meat, fish and poultry processing areas, etc. Ideal for use aboard cruise liners and sailing vessels.

How to use Scatter:

  • Waste Containers/Dumpsters:
    • Scatter 2-3 scoops per cubic yard of container capacity. Repeat after each service cycle or as needed. Keep lid closed.
  • Garbage Collection Trucks:
    • Scatter freely onto beds and hoppers of garbage and refuse trucks.
  • Trash Cans, Containers and Compactors:
    • Apply 2-3 tablespoons when empty as needed.